Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pearls corset

Hm, it looked better in my mind than it looks on paper, and it looked better on paper than on this scan. (That damned scanner sees light-grey as white, so the shadows etc. turn *very* grainy. Grrr).
So well, just an idea with a piercing corset design, but with pearls instead of ribbons.
pearl corset

I guess I made the rings too small, they turned out almost impossible to shade correctly. Grrrmblf. Not satisfied.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Octopus tentacles cupcake

Ugh, tentacles are a pain to draw/color :)
Octopus cupcake / tentacles cupcake tattoo design

So, just a weird idea, with octopus tentacles instead of cream swirl on a cupcake. Not even sure I drew them correctly, but heh, I still have the feeling I'm improving.
Anyway, the "tattoo design" thing is a pretty good (or bad?) excuse not to draw backgrounds :p

Oh, and if you play with the colors, you can get a creepy green-tentacles-and-violet-cup thing. That makes it look like Cthulhu is coming out of that the cake.